Comprehensive Customs Clearance Services

Stokes and Bells have a large team of Customs agents and trade advisors on hand to help you understand the legal requirements of shipping goods to and from destinations the world over. Customs, tariffs, taxes and government regulations can be very complicated, but our agents will help you to navigate the complexities while saving you time and money.

Our services include:

Our licensed Customs brokers will review and submit all documentation on your behalf to ensure that all your legal responsibilities are met. In times of economic uncertainty, when international trade is more difficult than usual, Stokes and Bell will help you to save money on duties and taxes wherever legally possible. Once your goods are cleared, our agents will liaise with transport teams to facilitate a fast pick-up, transport and delivery to your customer or distribution centre.

Stokes and Bell's Customs agents will handle all your Customs clearance requirements. Contact us today on +61 3 9933 8488 to discuss your needs.