Stokes and Bell - Your Trade Facilitation Experts

Stokes and Bell's long history of supporting global trade enables us to provide trade facilitation advice that is supported by a wealth of industry knowledge. Our trade advisors can help you to make international commerce easy.

Our trade advisors have extensive knowledge about Free Trade Agreements (FTA's) to help you navigate international trade. FTA's are multinational agreements that reduce or eliminate barriers to trade in goods and services between cooperating states. FTA's are established according to international law, and provide multiple benefits including:

Australia currently has 14 FTA's including:

Stokes and Bell can save you money while ensuring that you fulfil all legal requirements when transporting goods overseas or into Australia.

Our services include:

Your dedicated trade manager can help reduce overall trade costs and facilitate the smooth movement of your goods across international borders. The collective expertise of our well-established network means that we can significantly reduce delays and costs, ultimately resulting in the efficient movement of your goods across the borders. Stokes and Bell can help you take your business to the next level by making international trade easy.

Regardless of what you need to transport, or the size of your shipment, give us a call today on +61 3 9933 8488 to obtain advice on the best course of action.