Supporting Australian Businesses With Import Services

Throughout history, the shipping of goods across the seas has been a widely used form of trade and transportation. Australia, like many countries, is a nation built on trade with apparels and textiles accounting for the largest amount of imports as far back as 1906. Today, Stokes and Bell support international trade with modern sea and air import solutions that facilitate the transport of valuable cargo to and from businesses, and destinations worldwide.

Our services include:

Stokes and Bell have worked with the world's largest airlines and shipping companies to provide superior import services to small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Our client's use us because we remove the stress and hassle often associated with importing goods from overseas.

Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is the most economical method of transporting goods over great distances. Sea freight is the cheapest and most logical option for large shipments and out of gauge cargo. Stokes and Bell offer competitive pricing and shipping options for businesses wanting to import goods by sea into Australia. We will help you to navigate the complexities of Australian Customs to facilitate the fast clearance of your goods upon arrival at any Australian port.


Air Freight

Shipping by air is the best mode of transport for time-sensitive consignments. As one of Australia's leading freight forwarders, Stokes and Bell offer superior air freight services for client's who want to ship goods to Australia quickly. As air freight specialists we can arrange the fast, affordable import of your goods to any airport in Australia from destinations all over the world. Once your cargo arrives in Australia, our Customs agents will facilitate the quick clearance of your goods, for a swift pick-up and delivery to their final destination.


If you require sea or air freight import services, call and speak to one of our representatives today on +61 3 9933 8488 to discuss your needs.